Monday, 7 February 2011

Landing the elusive duck

Kapotasana went away last Wednesday and has only just came back today, the flexibility of my spine varies greatly.  I was frustrated with kapotasana because the rest of my practice feels so meditative.  However, I realized here is the power of this practice, I have to do something really challenging and calm my mind. This gives the practice some real life application because life sometimes has it's share of challenges.  I often feel that is how I cope with them that show how much the yoga is really working.

I love karandavasana.  I am not able to do it by any means, I am still working on my landing and enjoying the process.  My hips have oppened up, about one month ago, making leg behind the head deeper and getting into lotus in karandavasana less of a mission. At first it felt like it took a day just to get in, it still is a mission but an easier one so I have been working on my landing.

It is fun!  Here is how it is going and what I have learned so far.  It is a difficult pose and have decided to take it one step at a time.  When I was first given it, I was overwhelmed, I wondered how on earth I would work in this at home.   My teacher told me to just try and get into lotus and balance, that made it more accessible, I had something that seemed possible to work toward.  When I could do that every day and I was balanced I started to try to go half way down.  To do that you have to gradually shift the weight back, like you do in headtand when coming down.  The hard part is learning how much weight to shift and to teach my body a new movement, which comes down to practice.  I can do that now, after that I go down too quick and land on my arms but slip straight off.  So that is where my work is I try to stay in the place where I am still in control and gradually expand that. 

Last night I watched kino's dvd in slow motion.  I think I have worked out what I do wrong and what to do next, now  I need to teach my body..........  Once she got half way she began to curl but he kept her pelvis in the same place until she was almost down. I think as I begin to curl I bring my pelvis toward the midline, thus shifting  the weight to far back and losing the control.  The next part, the landing is more complex but I am not going to work on that yet.  One step at a time.

When I was last at the shala, I got lot of helpful advise on this.  One of my teachers told me I needed to practice being in the down position, which I could do with assistance.  I was like said err great but I can only come to the shala once a month now, (I was going every week last year).  I suggested I could try and get into the down position from the floor, I  learnt how to do this on kino's workshop.  However, although I can get up from the floor one side at a time, the second side is always to low.  So I tried to get into the down position another way, also from kino's dvd.  I come into pincha but with my head on the floor i.e headstand, the get into lotus, lower down and then lift my head and land.  I practice it after I have had 3 goes at the regular karandavasana.  It is more stable so easier to control but I have still only landed it twice.  Once last week and once today, today I held the down position for ten breaths.  It was okay but there was no way in the world I was getting back up, head on the floor or not, that will take a long time!!!  I am enjoying the process as I love the mindfulness in motion as well as the mental and physical strength that this pose requires.