Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas greetings from wales

We travelled to Wales by car on Monday, to my family home which is in the countryside on the coast. There has been a lot more snow than I have ever seen across the UK. It is truly beautiful and we are having a great holiday. The picture below is the view from where I practice, next to a real fire, lucky me! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Still having fun, opportunities and surrender

Stilling falling having fun in my new pose, mayurasana.  Although we are understanding each other better now.  I got some useful advise at the shala to bring my elbows lower as womens centre of gravity is lower.  I was told to put my head on the floor whilst bringing the elbows lower.  V's advise, see comments on previous post, has really helped too.  I seem yo be able to do the pose better this week, my legs lift, I manage about 3 breaths and then I fall   have some more fun.  I think I find the balance point, I just need to keep it.

I realised I needed to redefine how I think about kapotasana.  I was feeling a bit frustrated that I couldn't do it on the first attempt, that I had to repeat it 3 times (if I wanted to get into it by myself) and that it was so HARD.  Poor me, lol.  I have realised though that this might be the way that it is for some time, months maybe.  So it is time to SURRENDER to the process and redefine my self talk.  Yesterday I told my self that as I was not doing full second and had been split I had a wonderful OPPORTUNITY to work on Kapotasana.  I needed a lot of convincing so I thought about why I wanted to work on it, I mean no one is telling me to do it 3 times!!  It is so healing and I really enjoy the challenge and the OPPORTUNITY to open my upper back and work on balancing my strength and flexibility.  I also told myself  I could take the pressure off on the first two and just really work on grabbing my heels on the third one.  In the past I had been trying to get heels on each one, working really hard and sometimes getting in on the second attempt.  Obviously it would be better if there was NONE of this dialogue but well I'm working on it  ;-).  It worked though kapotasana was much less dramatic both yesterday and today, I may have even enjoyed it at times, maybe...  I grabbed me heels on the third one despite the fact that it is snowy outside and my feet were still cold when I was practising it.  What a difference a change in perspective can make.