Monday, 22 November 2010

We will have some fun with this one

The above were were my teachers words when he gave me the next pose this morning and saw I could not do it. Such great advise! Lol, in fact it was just what I needed to hear.

Last week practice was hard, I was tired, really tired. Having analysed everything I could think of, I decided it must have been taking Friday off practice instead of Saturday. There were many advantages to this, due to the way my life is right now i.e. I am travelling to London every Friday and returning to Liverpool on Mondays, (this is tiring too.) The advantages of friday off was more time to do stuff at home, (hard when only there 4&1/2 days a week) and also an extra shala practice on the Saturday. The problem with having friday off practice is I teach 3 classes, which also means some cycling, my body needs complete rest. Anyway I took Saturday and Sunday moon day off to let my body recover.

Woke up stiff this morning, having slept awkwardly in the single bed in marcs rented room. Also my it band was really tight from cycling and lack of stretching. It did not bode well for the first intermediate practice in four days. I did a bit of stretching before I left and it band felt much better for it. Neck, shoulder and upper back were still stiff and still are now after practice but it'll be alright by tomorrow, I imagine.

Fortunately my teacher assisted me into kapotasana this morning, I was so tight I did not think it was possible but his kapotasana assist is amazing. After that I was miraculously able to do it solo.

So I haven't blogged about practice for a while at least the physical aspect of it. I have been managing to get to my heels in kapo by myself every day, it's been 3 weeks now but only on the second or third attempt. I am finding it requires more mental willpower to work on kapotasana now that I know it is possible than
it did to get there on the first place! I guess this is the next stage in the journey. Between that and karandavasana I feel like I have a lot to work on. So I was not expecting or wanting any new poses, I was not even sure what the next pose was. But I knew karandavasana was getting better.

I like a challenge in my practice, I really do. I guess kapo and karanda just push my mental limits in new ways. This is a good thing, I am sure but it is also challenging. When I was given the next pose, at first I did not realise that I was and went to backbending, which got an oy from my teacher, lol. Then I did not have a clue what to do as he led me through the strange vinyasasa for mayurasana and then I could not do it until he helped me engage my legs. But the best part for me was when he said "we're going to have fun with this one". What a wonderful reminder to enjoy the process especially in the midst of challenge.

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  1. Congrats on getting the next pose Helen.

    Good thought about enjoying the "process".

    Funny weekend with the Sunday Moon day.

  2. Congrats on getting mayurasana!

  3. Hi Kevin and Nobel, thanks. I think if I had been given it last week I would have felt overwhelmed but now it seems there is space for new explorations.

  4. I fell and fell and fell out of Mayurasana until Denise suggested I roll my cotton top up so that my elbows would dig on my bare belly - somehow that did the trick!

  5. Thanks V, that makes sense. Practised it at home today and wore one of those sports bra tops, I think it helped but I only managed two breaths. I'm wondering if you still do this and if so when, i.e. before the vinyasa?

  6. Oh, I still do it. On the odd occasion that I forget, I slip off my elbows and fall down AGAIN. I do it right before I start the vinyasa, take one extra breath while standing to tuck my top in.

  7. Funny I'm just the opposite, harder on bare belly because my elbows slip on the sweat :)

    Congratulations Helen, you are whizzing through 2nd!

  8. Thanks V, it definitely helps me, I tried it with and without yesterday and it was much better with. Still can't do it though, think my body and I just do not understand what to do, lots of falling!

    Hi Susan, funny how we are all different, I don't really get slippery even if I'm super hot. Second Series seems relentlessly challenging right now, but primary tomorrow, yay!