Monday, 25 October 2010

Spiritual materialism and karandavasana

I am on the train home from London. Had a lovely weekend. Have started reading cutting through spiritual materialism and it's really making me think. I will blog more about that when I am by my computer because I want to quote from it. But for now in terms of practice I made a commitment to focus on breath, dristi and bandhas and just let the outer form, the asana be. Yes, I know that's what your meant to do and yes I thought I was doing it already but this journey into the moment is a challenge if it were easy i would not have to do all this mad stuff on our mats each day.

Ironically when I made this commitment which felt like a kind of surrender, there were some outer changes. I was less tired at the end, yesterday the teacher said she my practice was good, that it had changed and today I got a new pose.

Yes the journey with karandavasana has begun. Initial thoughts are, I am up for the challenge, I like working on hard stuff. It's a good job I am working with my ego, because it is going to be hard to work on this at home alone. Today I was assisted in and out but at home teacher said to work on getting into lotus and balancing there. He also gave me some advise on how to work on that. I know I can do lotus in headstand so it is theoretically possible, I guess. It will be two weeks until my next shala visit. I have more than enough to play with!

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  1. Helen, yes of course it is the way is supposed to be but I tend to forget... sometimes we forget the most simple things... glad to hear when you focused on what is important the practice became more relaxed, as I approach my time in the mat, will take your words with me :-)

    Good luck with Karandavasana! may the force be with you ;-)

  2. Hi Helen,

    Blogging from the train, must try that!
    So how did you enjoy our teacher on Saturday?
    You not coming down for the Yoga show next weekend?
    Good luck with Karanda.

  3. so nive and giving motivation to read about yoga

  4. Hi Claudia, Thanks. Have you read cutting through spiritual materialism? I think you'd like it.

    Kevin, Cary was lovely, it's a busy class so I did not see that much of her. She did Karandavasana demo on the floor next to me though for the girl on the next mat. Blew my mind, especially since she is pregnant! Amazing! A weird practice for me Saturday, unfocused.

    Hey lilsvb, book I am reading is buddhist but very applicable to yoga and life.