Thursday, 16 September 2010

Practice update

One of the reasons I did not blog for a while was because I had little interest in writing about the physical dimension.  Ironically since being split, all that has changed.  My practice is completely different and has changed even from last week.  Every time I get on the mat, I am curious to see what it will be like.

It takes a while for me to warm up, with my long practice pre split it would not be until supta kurmasana that I started to feel warm at home.  So second series at home sans primary is a challenge.  The first time I tried it, my body was like, hey are you serious!  Every pose reverted to where it was when I first got given in it, right from the get go, so no wrist in pasasana, leg less height in krounchasana, etc.  Oh and kapotasana, meh!   Pre split, it was better than ever I was about 1 cm from heels solo.  Last week I crawled to my toes, just.

I actually like to do a challenging practice, so I'm not complaining.  It forces me into the moment and teaches me so much about myself physically and mentally.  I do like to work at those hard poses though.  My kapotasana routine at home is hardcore.  At the shala I get assisted straight into it, no drama.  On Monday I looked at my teacher and thought about telling him how hard it had been at home and then decided to forget the drama and he took me to my heels.  Best jut to do, sometimes.

I realised at the weekend that even though my kapotasana seems physically right back where it started in other ways it isn't.  It is no longer (at least for now) emotionally traumatic and I have learnt one hell of a lot about how to do it.  Now it is just a matter of practice and lots of it).

So eliminating primary was bound to be strange for my body.  It is already adapting, after just two weeks.  Wrist bind is back for pasasana on first side,  Kapotasana is deeper, just past toes.  Kapotasana routine is currently 2-3 hang backs 10 breaths, two kapo B's for one minute (this warms me up, lol!)  and 3 attempts at kapotasana A.  Am I crazy, I actually kinda like it, on a good day!

New poses are like new toys.  Yoga nidrasana is not the rest I was expecting but a great way to open the hips as I can really work deep here, feel like I get more of a stretch on left side though, which is a shame, my right hip is tighter.  Tittibhasana A, can't land it high, working on that.  Tittibhasana B can do but legs burn by the end and then C comes and C is so hard, I'm amazed my legs don't ache after though, just at the time.  Not loving that pose!

Pincha, better this week, almost found the right amount of momentum to get up each time.  Yesterday, 3 breaths solo in the middle of the room.  Fun!

This week has been challenging, lots of mad life stuff.  I don't feel as calm as I usually would and wonder if it's the shift to second series having an effect.  Primary tomorrow, I wonder what that will be like...If I could use one word to describe how practice is going, I would use curious.

In other news my partner is going to be doing a job in London for 6 weeks, will miss him obviously.  So may be visiting London and thus my teacher sooner than planned, we will see.


  1. very good to read that yoga is always in progress

  2. Helen you are amazing - I could say so much but that just sums it up. I love your attitude! And three breaths in pincha in week one?? wow!! xx

  3. Aww you guys read my asana report, thanks :-) Mel, are you back on the Garbha mission?

  4. I enjoy your practice reports! :-) It's so interesting to hear how the split is going for you.

    I loved the line about new poses being like new toys. Totally true! It's all exciting and shiny and new in the beginning, then the novelty wears off and the old toys look more enticing because they're familiar. But in time, the new toys become fun and comfortable.

    That said, I'm happy with the toys I have for now. No more new toys until I read the instruction manual and figure out how to work the new ones! ;-)

  5. Hi kai, there is an instruction manual! Who knew, is it inside? Yes I like to hear about your practice too. Post split practice is really different and so it interesting to write it down, so I can see and remember the changes. I am amazed, how much easier it was this week compared to last week, everything except kapo, was back to how it was pre split mostly.

  6. I wonder if you will find it easier at the Shala than at home, I know how hard and different at home practice is. Kapo at home I can only imagine how challenging that is.

    "New poses are like new toys", it does change the mindset, even when you only have 1 to play with.

  7. Yes Kevin, much easier in shala heat, practiced with teacher on Monday and was assisted to heels. Doing kapotasana without warmth so much harder! But as most of my practices are at home that's by the by. I expect there to be a difference but it's in my home practice that the changes take place, slowly but surely....

  8. Helen...what is it that you like about Iyengar yoga being such a dedicated ashtangi yourself?
    come say hi at! I see you're reading David Coulter.... do you know Ray Long's books? He's phenomenal! check out bandha yoga, key muscles of hatha yoga.

  9. Hi Eryn,

    I think all styles of yoga are equally valid practice. I do Iyengar because the teacher is excellent and it informs my practice and teaching to work at the same poses in a different way. My reading list is so out of date! I've read loads of books since then, whoops. I have Ray Long's book, I think I may aswell start paying amazon by direct debit, I buy that many books.

  10. dear Helen
    do you actually try to land from a jump into tittibasana A? that's really difficult. i guess you need strength and lightness.

  11. Sorry Arturo, I wrote a reply to you on my iphone when you posted this but I could not pot it. So in my head I thought I had responded!!!

    I do jump into tittibasana A but I land on my upper arms rather than by my shoulders, so not high enough. It's a fun jump though, I learnt it as an entrance to supta kurmasana.