Friday, 2 July 2010

Let it be

Well it's been 3 weeks since my week at the shala and I am heading back there on Sunday.  Practice still seems very long but I do really like the leg behind the head poses.  The first week of doing this practice was exhausting, I've been tidying everything up which takes more strength initially until I have the strength to do it more fluidly.  Anyway I've been getting stronger and vinyasas are much better.

First week of longer practice, I felt overwhelmed as I stepped on my mat, so I broke it into chunks, standing, then primary, then second, then closing.  I realised this wasn't exactly staying in the moment!  I also realise it may be a while before I am split.   Actually I don't want to be split yet so there is no point moaning about it!  I love my long practice, it's just hard sometimes.  So last week I decided to surrender to it and be in each moment rather than hoping I can make it to the end!  Ha, anyways it's getting easier and I am amazed at the changes in my strength in such a short time.

The main pose I still want to work on in primary is baddhakonasana, still needs a lot of work, but it's changing, can now get chin to the floor without assistance but knees still flying.  So primary feels like a real movement meditation, which I love.  It is also great for opening up the hips which I am sure helps me to get my legs over my head later on, I'm sure

Yesterday I was doing bhekasana and I was thinking (bad yogini I know)  " I'm crap at this it's gonna take year before my hands touch the floor"  and then, they did touch the floor.  Talk about shattering that belief, I was very surprised!

Looking forward to a shala visit, also glad it's Friday.  So grateful to do primary by itself on Fridays.


  1. That’s a long practice, Helen! I admire your determination to stick with it.

    Enjoy your Sunday at the Shala!

  2. Kai, Helen is awesome...when something's hard she just sucks it up and goes with it. And she gives the best advice ever!

    I'm allowed to say that because I know she won't!

  3. Oh, how sweet, thanks both of you. Much easier to just do it all everyday though. I know you both know that too! To be honest I just do it, I don't even question it and lets face it, I'm doing something I love which has amazing impact on the rest of my life.

    P.S kai will be at the shala Monday too, yey!

  4. You must be building up the stamina, that is a long practice.

    My Baddha Konasana is the opposite, my knees are flat, but I rarely manage to get my head to the floor, unless Cary is sitting on me.

    Helen does give good advice, she showed me a stretch to help my backbends when she was last down.

  5. Hope your week away is as good as mine Helen.