Friday, 2 July 2010

Let it be

Well it's been 3 weeks since my week at the shala and I am heading back there on Sunday.  Practice still seems very long but I do really like the leg behind the head poses.  The first week of doing this practice was exhausting, I've been tidying everything up which takes more strength initially until I have the strength to do it more fluidly.  Anyway I've been getting stronger and vinyasas are much better.

First week of longer practice, I felt overwhelmed as I stepped on my mat, so I broke it into chunks, standing, then primary, then second, then closing.  I realised this wasn't exactly staying in the moment!  I also realise it may be a while before I am split.   Actually I don't want to be split yet so there is no point moaning about it!  I love my long practice, it's just hard sometimes.  So last week I decided to surrender to it and be in each moment rather than hoping I can make it to the end!  Ha, anyways it's getting easier and I am amazed at the changes in my strength in such a short time.

The main pose I still want to work on in primary is baddhakonasana, still needs a lot of work, but it's changing, can now get chin to the floor without assistance but knees still flying.  So primary feels like a real movement meditation, which I love.  It is also great for opening up the hips which I am sure helps me to get my legs over my head later on, I'm sure

Yesterday I was doing bhekasana and I was thinking (bad yogini I know)  " I'm crap at this it's gonna take year before my hands touch the floor"  and then, they did touch the floor.  Talk about shattering that belief, I was very surprised!

Looking forward to a shala visit, also glad it's Friday.  So grateful to do primary by itself on Fridays.