Monday, 14 June 2010

On my way home

I'm on the train on my way home.
Glad to have had one last practice with my teacher but will probably be back in 3 weeks which doesn't seem long at all.

Much better practice today than yesterday, more focused. Able to breathe better too, was by an open window so think that helped, oh sweet oxygen!

Back felt tight so will have a bit of a play to dekink it in self practice this week. Managed another assisted kapo though, back to creeping my hands in solo tomorrow.

Another new pose dwi Pada sirsasana. I love it!

I am tired and hungry despite two breakfasts! V recommended I eat lots in comments of my last post. Thanks, you don't have to tell me twice, I am off to train shop. Do not seem able to respond to comments on my blog on iPhone, so not ignoring anyone, will be home with my lap top soon.


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  1. Sounds like your practice benefited from being with teacher for a week and another new pose to go home with, have visions of you on the train sitting in Dwi Pada!

  2. Welcome home! All the new poses sound like you made some pretty dramatic progress over the week, all the preparation must have totally paid off.

  3. No worries! I wasn't going to take it personally :-)~

  4. Hey, I'm home.

    Kevin, lol,I love dwi pada but I'm not that bendy and or crazy.

    R, thanks it's great to be back, you seem to be making some pretty dramatic progress yourself.

    V- yep of course you wouldn't, I guess I just wanted to comment but couldn't. Your comment made me laugh because I was so hungry yesterday and today. I've been giving myself 15 minute relaxation for a while now, such a good idea. Thanks for commenting, nice to hear from someone who has been through it already. We also have the same teacher, I believe.

  5. Another new pose - sounds like 'teacher' is speeding you towards that split! I'm so glad you enjoyed your holiday Helen, it was lovely having you around for a while & feeling like you lived here - best of both worlds for you as now you are home home, but back to the shala again before too long!

  6. Dwi pada, excellent!

    Helen, sorry I missed you on Sunday... after being more or less a zombie on Weds as well... anyway I was away Friday night and Sat visiting a friend, and got kind of overwhelmed by my to-do list when I got back. Catch you next time :)

  7. Hey Helen, you mean you are not that bendy yet! if you are flying Ryanair to Italy Dwi Pada is the only way to fit in the seat!

  8. Unfortunately for me, I went through the whole process twice (second time was easier, though). And yes we do!

  9. Hi Mel, will be a while before I'm split, I think. Bet get used to the double breakfast! London ate all my money, so not even sure if I can make it in 3 weeks but hope so, will decide Friday. Was lovely hanging out with you too.

    Hi Susan, yeah coming home to self practice is nice with new poses to explore :-) No worries about Sunday, having just got back from being away myself, I know exactly what you mean!

    V, woah twice, I guess you had experience to guide you second time around!

  10. Oh and Kevin, thank goodness I'm not flying Ryanair then!