Sunday, 13 June 2010

London part two

Well it's nearly the end of my trip to London, I return tomorrow, as excited as I was to come here, I am even more excited to come back.  Excited to share this wonderful practice with my students, excited to explore it on my own, excited to make positive changes in my life and most of all looking forward to seeing my man again, who also returns home tomorrow. 

I have had and am continuing to have a wonderful time.  Practicing in the shala every day with the heat and the group energy and of course my teachers eagle eye and mind blowing adjustments has been brilliant.  I am truly grateful that I made this time for myself and my practice. With teachers help I managed to hold my heels in kapo everyday last week.  Although I have to say it was far from comfortable, so many lessons to be had from this pose.  To do something everyday that is hard, that seems impossible, that sometimes makes me want to run away and yet to do it, to be with breath and work on stilling the mind.  It's a great practice a transformative one.

On Wednesday I was given two new poses, so am now practicing up until eka pada sirsasana.  I really like the energetics of that pose.   Excited to have more poses to explore and happy that my teacher thinks I am ready.  Somehow adding just two more poses seems to make my practice so loooooong, although I am not going to labour this point as if I make it long in mind it will get even longer in reality! ;-)

Except for practice, I have been doing a lot of reading.  I had no desire to dash around London seeing things.  It was wonderful to give my body a rest and also spend some wonderful time with friends old and new.

So tomorrow I return to Liverpool after my final practice with my teacher for a few weeks.  I am both sad and happy, but grateful that I have a life to go back to that keeps me excited and allows me to unfold, on this journey of life.


  1. That is a very long practice. What got me through it was 1) to eat a lot, and 2) to take a really long savasana, to the chagrin of my shalamates who thought it rude (but I couldn't help it!).

  2. Sounds like a productive week! Great that you're so energized and excited about your practice - it's inspiring I'm looking forward to hearing about your explorations of these new poses.