Tuesday, 8 June 2010

London part one

Well here I am in London, sending my first blog post from my iPhone, inspired by susan :-)

It's great to have some consecutive days with my teacher. Every time I say see you tomorrow, I feel so happy. It is usually "see you in 4 weeks"

So far I have had 3 days of practice here. Each day I have been able to grab my heels im kaptasana with assistance. Never done this consecutive days before as only had two days in a row with my teacher once before and that was when I was given this lovely pose. :-) repetition seems to help me let go of the drama and focus on breathing.

Today was not as busy as yesterday at the shala. For this reason or because he gave me a settling in day teacher gave me more verbal instructions today. So easy to go off on tangents when self practicing, his feedback invaluable. He told me to change hand position in ustrasana so fingers are on feet pointing towards toes. A few other little refinements and many excellent adjustments.

So nice just to be there, I love the energy and focus. Heat also nice, it's not like that in my lounge!

Aside from yoga, I have mostly been reading, wonderful to have the time!


  1. Great to hear how you are getting on Helen, I sometimes forget what a luxury it is to have the option of daily practice with my teacher (even if I never actually go *daily*!). I'm just sorry the weather's not better for you, but if you are mostly reading I don't suppose it worries you too much! x

  2. It makes such a difference having daily access to teaching and that Shala heat, glad its going well.