Thursday, 17 June 2010

back on my mat at home

Arrived back from my week at the shala on Monday after one last practice, only had two hours at home before I headed off to teach.  Feeling really energised and enthused about teaching after a break, it's done me the world of good.  Not that I wasn't enthused before! I love my job but a break is good for everyone.

So Tuesday was the first day back on my mat with three new poses to explore.  I woke up and it was so cold I had to put a blanket over me while I had a pre practice drink.  Well it was a lot warmer than that at the shala!  Practice mostly the same a it was before I went.  No surprises there.  When I decided to go to London for a week and retreat in Italy for a week (in August), it was because I realised that the changes that happen in my practice happen in my living room where I practice every day.  So I went to tidy up and really I guess for the non physical changes that happen when you can fully give your all to your practice.

Practice this week has been tiring!  So glad it's Thursday and Primary only tomorrow.  Can 3 poses really make that much difference?  Well, I think there's maybe more to it than that.  When I was away I could give my all to my practice so probably refined things a bit as I was there a week it became my practice.  I'm not one to slack off, my body will get used to it, I'm sure.  Also realised that of the 3 poses 2 are asymmetrical  so 5 more vinyasas, when your doing a full primary and almost half of second 5 more vinyasas is a lot.  I actually quite like working to the edge of what I feel I can do, it is an interesting part of the psyche.

Of course I have to work too, so have started napping in the afternoon again, really helps my body recover and keeps my mind fresh for teaching in the evening.  Lucky I can do that.  Also been really hungry!  So well, I've been eating more.

So hows it been going asana wise?  Primary  just happens mostly, very focused.  Kapotasana and I have had to get to know each other again after a week of being taken straight to heels (assisted).  I am not very good at using my legs whilst being assisted, something teacher kept reminding me to do.  At home alone though walking in the legs have to work, so I have been saying hello to my thighs!  Am still doing 3 kapo B's at home before I do A at home as otherwize my body is jut not ready.  So  Kapo has been a bit hit and miss this week but it'll be back where it was soon enough I'm sure.  I actually have a bit more faith that my self practice methods will eventually allow me to do this alone.

Kapo B is the only pose I repeat, except maybe drop backs (if I'm not spent!)  my practice is long enough.  Even this post is getting long!

I like my new poses.  I have been doing dwi pada entry to supta K for a while as it is the only way I can do it solo.  It's not something I could naturally do but something I gradually worked away at for years.   So I can do dwi pada but it's not that great.  These new poses should help.  Left hip is more open than right, so goes back easily, spending a bit more time on my right side to balance things out.  Working on the vinyasas for eka pada sirsasana is fun and managed to get timing right on second side today taking both legs back exactly the same time.  Couldn't figure this before but think I just needed to tip the weight forward a bit.

Blah, good night!

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  1. sometimes it is hard to go back to the yoga mat, the one alone at home! so good to practise in yogashala!!! i really miss it