Sunday, 30 May 2010

Holiday preparations

Next week I will be spending just over a week practising at the shala with my teacher.  I live in a different city from my teacher so usually I visit once every 4 weeks.  My teacher is very experienced and very good at coping with me just popping up when I can.  Nevertheless I think it's important for me to spend some consistent time with my teacher.  This is the first time I will practice with my teacher for more  than two days in a row.  I'm very excited!!  You may have noticed I keep saying "my teacher", for some reason I want to maintain his anonymity, this is a blog about me and my journey and I really don't want the responsibility of explaining who he is or what he thinks.  I know some of you know who my teacher is and that's fine, it's not a secret, I just don't want to blog explicitly about him.

So this week some preparations, ordered some books to read so I can enjoy a relaxing week off work, all my yoga classes are being covered so that's a relief.  I've not had much time off since I've been a  yoga teacher and I think it's important no matter how much you love your job and life to step out of it once in a while.

Backbending has been very changeable over the last month, some times more flexible than I even imagined possible but other times back to where my backbends were about a year ago.  I know every day is different but I have never had such a huge variance in my flexibility.  I tried to resist the temptation to prepare my practice for next week, to have expectations about what I will achieve in one week.  Actually I say try but I don't really have any expectations, I expect I'll learn something and it will be nice to have assistance every day but who knows what will happen.

I did decide by the end of last week, when my back was just getting tighter and tighter that I should do my best to sort it out.  So I have decided to use my excitement about visiting my teacher, to encourage me to work on my backbends.  This is helped in part by working out how to open it out, which I did on Friday.  I think my back has opened up significantly recently but it seems to occasionally revert back and when it revert it really reverts. So on Friday when my drop backs were tight, I decided to some more.  Working on each one slowly and focusing on the breathe my back gradually uncurled.  I ended up doing nine drop backs, never done that before.  Did ten today, also today I did 3 kapo B's holding each one for a minute.  My Kapotasana A was back to it's usual state, which is actually much easier to do than the one I did last week with the tight back.  So this week I am going to uncurl my spine, then let go and see what happens next week.