Sunday, 25 April 2010

Pushing the boundaries

Been a while.... nothing profound to report.  Practice today was good, been feeling very strong lately despite lingering cold, pushed the edge of my strength.  Really enjoying the fluidity it's bring but was tired after practice today.  Inspired by Kino to keep pushing the boundaries on and off the mat, so easy to accept where you are, when you practice every day.

Last week my back was more bendy than ever for two days.  It was a real revelation, oh so that's what it feels like to have a bendy back.  Was very close to Kapotsana heels solo.  My back was not so bendy today, difficult to even get to my toes.  However, I don't care, it's just interesting to observe the changes and the lack of caring.  That shows a more important development than grabbing my heels, although I know I will be chuffed when I do that too!

What is interesting though is regardless of how flexible my back is Kapotasana is no longer the psychological, emotional ordeal it used to be.  Definitely went through something there, am grateful to my practice for the journey and enjoying coming out the other side.  Next week a workshop with Paul Dallaghan.  Am excited to be practising with others and getting a new perspective from a teacher who is new to me.


  1. I would think that kapotasana no longer being an ordeal is something profound to report! Also would be really interested to hear how you get on with Paul Dallaghan, I am so tempted by Yoga Thailand having seen Susan's pictures and it seems like a good option to go there with him rather than on one of their specific retreats. Hope that cold has shifted now!

  2. Hi mel thanks for your comment. Your right the shift with kapo was a major one. It is physically much harder for some reason this week. It is a hard pose to do when your feeling tight. No mental drama though. Cold is lingering mostly insignificantly.

  3. Was just thinking about this last night, these changes are major but we are often so busy looking at what we can't do (I don't think you are guilty of this).As a beginner you see the changes more quickly of course but sometimes you need to remind yourself of them.As I enter my second year of the practice I have been cursing the fact that my practice has got fussy, I'm losing the flow when it comes to my last 3 poses which I am struggling with, but it just occurred to me that it was only a year ago I couldn't catch my toes in a forward bend without bending my knees, now I can bind around the wrist. We look out for the big changes but every day there are changes...