Tuesday, 9 March 2010

"Your legs may burn, that's okay" smiles kino

Kino said lots of insightful  things and I learnt a great deal from her workshop, mostly I have come back fully inspired in all areas of my life, not just yoga.  She's  fab!   The above quote has been in my head a lot, mainly because my thighs are aching although not due to the workshop and it makes me laugh.

The led primary was hardcore, she held the poses long. She seems to love the number 4, it goes like this 1.....2....3.....4....(instructs someone specifically) in my head I'm thinking for example, maybe I should not have lifted my heels in Kurmasana and then....finally is it a 5, no 4 again, then 5.  I like to be pushed hard and she certainly did that!  It was Marc's first full primary, he had never been past Mari A before then.  He did really well, it was obviously hard but he loved it.  She helped him bind in Mari A, not bad for a weeks practice.

So when we got to backbending, we did about 9 urdva dhanurasanas! So that's when she said the quote in the blog title.  I love the way she works you hard but is also really nice.  Pushing my physical limits is a great way of removing boundaries in who and what I am. Then she said stand up if you can.  Then drop back, it was my first led drop back, a real cut the faff and go moment.  

She helped me into Kapotasana in the Mysore class on Sunday.  She helped lift but I walked the hands in myself which is a first.  My teacher grabs my hands and puts them there.  Since I have been back I have been even more inspired to work hard in my self practice.  I am continuing to employ boodiba's venki backbend methods.  I do full primary and the second up to Kapo, but then I do Kapo B, 3 times.   Last week I did it for 30 seconds, this week 40.  This is why my thighs are aching.  But it's just muscle fatigue and I need to strengthen them a bit.  Also it's really helping me walk me hands in. I have gone in a little bit further this week from big toe last week to little toe this week.  I sure am glad I have small feet.  So far this week Kapo has been Sunday heels (KIno's help)  Monday and Tuesday (little toe).  Seems more consistent but more importantly I feel more inspired to work at it.  I feel grateful to have a practice that challenges me to rethink the boundaries that my body and mind sometimes think are there.  I even feel grateful for the ache in my legs!


  1. Hi Helen,

    So good to hear Kino inspired your practice and your life. I warned Mel that Kino counts oh so slooooowly. At least she gets to 4, I know some teachers who struggle to know what comes after 3!

    Marc has done so well in a week too, from zero to a mysore class with Kino is fastrack yoga. I hope it inspires him to continue the journey.

    Can't wait until I get to practice with Kino in 6 weeks time.

  2. real cut the fluff moment, yes!, what a moment indeed... I can't wait to study with Kino, hope it happens soon, seems you are getting some really good insights

  3. Hi Claudia, yes I am continuing to learn from the workshop with her and it has left me very inspired. All important when practicing mostly at home alone.

  4. That is hilarious! I felt the same way in her workshops...lol my teacher laughed at me once. She was next to me in navasana and when kino said the number 4 again...I literally said out loud "are you kidding me" but low not loud enough for anyone else but the person next to me to hear...and my teacher busted out laughing and will never let me live it down :)
    Sounds like an awesome workhshop!!!

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