Friday, 12 February 2010

Busyness, new poses and moving on

January was a busy month and February, also heading in the same direction.  I am happy with the busyness, I am the one directing my life so I take some responsibility for how it works out.  I am grateful to be spending this weekend at home though, as it will be the only weekend this month.  This evening I have arranged a social gathering for my students at a bistro in town, an opportunity for them to meet outside of class.  Tomorrow I am going out dancing, venue undecided, a girls night out.  I love to dance but haven't been out for ages.

I've been getting to lots of Mysore classes recently and kapotasana is less daunting both physically and emotionally. With assistance I can get there and when I practice it alone I can now hear the calming voice of one of my teachers.  She says "keep your head up, I know you want to let it down but if you do it's game over".   Much easier to push myself when there is really someone there but the advice and calmness is useful, all the same.

Last week I had a strong emotional release during drop backs, content irrelevant really but I cried and since then Kapotasana is less of an ordeal.  There may be more to consolidate there and I am grateful to have a practice in my life, that seems to heal me, when I am ready to let go.  I feel much better for it in so many ways. 

On Monday my teacher gave my a new pose, so I am now practicing up to Bakasana B.  Bakasana is fun and adds some lightness to my practice.   On Sunday I met fellow bloggers Mel, Kevin and Susan.  It was lovely to spend some time with them sharing our experiences of life on and off the mat.  It's another week until I get to go to the shala and that seems just the right amount of time.  I'm enjoying practicing alone again but also loving having teachers.


  1. Hi Helen,

    Brightened my day having a new entry to read.

    Lots of people seem to be having emotional releases during practice of late, particularly with backbends. They seem to make me hyper, especially if I do them late in the evenings.

    Sounds like a fun weekend, out with your students and then dancing, enjoy.. I'll be practising with Gail tomorrow I hope, they cancelled the Mysore practice today for some reason.

    See you next weekend

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Kevin. It can be hard to blog after a break. So much has happened really. Backbends in the evening do really wake you up, particularly drop backs!

    Oooh I've just noticed you have written a new blog post...

  3. There are some blogs which I really look out for and enjoy reading, your is one.

    That's the problem with having to practice at night, last night it was nearly 9pm by the time I got to backbends and dropbacks. I go from semi sleepy when I get home from work to totally awake after doing practice. My antidote is to then go to bed and listen to one of Kino's podcasts.

    Today we finish at 4pm, so I should be on my mat with my mug of tea by 4.15

  4. Hi Kevin, I love reading your blog too. Have a great practice.

  5. Just blogged another nice practice with Gail this morning, they should get her to teach that class regularly when she comes back from Mysore.

    I think I was a bit tired today, practice was good overall, but my back wasn't as bendy or open, I think I need more quality and less quantity.