Saturday, 23 January 2010

Shala Practice

Woke up dark and early to get the train to London for a shala practice.  Slept both on way there and back as well as reading, so feel refreshed despite the early start.  It was a nice practice, nice heat which suprised me, (it's a big room), my elbows slid into position for the last supta vajrasana.  Nice to have someone there when I do kapotasana, kinda reassuring.  Reminds me of learning to drop back,the teacher that helped me with them  stood and talked me through drops for a week without adjusting before leaving me to get on with it.  I asked him to see if my hangback was okay, he said it was fine.  Not a deep assist but lots of instruction which will help me do it alone.

As I hang back I need to keep hips up legs strong.  I was doing that bit, what was different was going down, I need to go back on myself making full use of back bend, I was going back too much I think.  Think I need to keep pushing up the whole time too, like in largu.  This keeping lift seemed to help Kapotasana B feel okay again, had felt I was overworking my lumber recently and couldn't work out why.  It did not used to feel like that.  So think it all makes more sense now.  My back is less open than it was last month but  at least I know what I'm doing more.  Somehow knowing how to work at it is more important to my practice than what I can actually do.  Thought I would write this post while experience was fresh, I'm taking my day off tomorrow since I have practised today. A lie in :)


  1. Glad you made it down and had a good practice.

    Its interesting that your body is kind of teaching you what needs to happen to make it happen.

    I hope my train is on time so I get my shala practice. Enjoy your lay in, we'll have a croissant for you this week.

  2. Thanks Kevin, I woke up at 8 but after 4:45 yesterday that is a lie in! Hope your having a great practice.

  3. I got there eventually,it was a mad rush, everything seemed to be running late, my train then the tube.

  4. Glad you made it. Tube not running for me on Sat, I usually check but hadn't. Still the replacement bus was free and I made it on time so happy days.

  5. Hi Helen,

    Am thinking of having another hour in bed and joining you all at TY on Saturday morning as both of my regular teachers at The Lifecentre seem to be away according to the online timetable, I have never heard of the sub they have listed. Does TY get busy on a Saturday?

    I am staying at the B&B again Saturday night, so at least no train stress on Sunday, then me and Mel will see you at Pret as usual if you are still planbning to come down this weekend.

  6. Hi Kevin, my friend Gail is teaching at life centre. She is my old teacher and I am staying with her this weekend. Small world this ashtanga one! She's a great teacher.

    Anyway, if you fancy extra hour in bed, R also great teacher. I is quite a busy class, big room at tri yoga is fairly full but still plenty of room to practice.

    Definitely up for yoga breakfast on Sunday.

  7. Meant to say It is not I is whoops. I am busy though, maybe my subconscious wanted to get that out.

  8. Hi Helen,

    That is a small world, surprised you are not going to TLC then. Maybe I will go there after all, nothing like a recommendation.

    Definitley see you Sunday morning at Pret with Mel. I e-mailed on your Dwi pada question to Susan in case she didnt read the blog comment.

  9. Cool, my train doesn't get in on time for me to make Gail's class. If you go make sure you drop back, I'll be checking, lol. She had some good tips for me when I was learning to stand up, and is very approachable. Thanks for forwarding my query, that's really nice of you.

  10. Hi Helen,

    Susan emailed me to say she will reply to your question via my blog when she gets a mo'.

    Dropping back is ok now, once I have done the first one and not landed on my head. I prefer it when I am left alone to "play" on my own with dropback, then hopefully assistance arrives once I have done 2 or 3 on my own. Hopefully Gail will come up with some standing up ideas.Is it the same muscles you use as brakes on the way down that you engage to come back up?

    LOL you 2 can discuss it Saturday night!

  11. We are going to meet up after my practice, I think. Just tell Gail that you can drop back okay but would like some help standing. Standing up is mostly about bringing pelvis forward, you need to keep it high and at first rock the pelvis. It's mostly about opening the back and psaos up to allow this. Think forward not up.

  12. Cary has me pushing my thighs up into her hands once I'm down, which makes sense to make the pelvis come forward. She doesnt seem to do much to initiate me coming up.

    I have been trying to walk in on my Urdva Dhanurasanas too, to try and get more weight over my feet, but think I need to get Pelvis higher then. Nothings easy is it.

  13. No it is not easy, sounds like your well on the way though.

  14. Hi Helen,

    If you followed the conversation on mine you will see that we are all up for lunch on Sunday. We will find somewhere half way between Docklands where Susan is teaching and Euston where we will be demolishing croissants.

  15. Hi Helen,

    Hope you got home ok on Monday, I hear the train power lines were down in this area that day.

    Great to have lunch with you and the others, made it a really nice day.

    I will practice with Gail again at TLC on Saturday, having a lay in on Sunday will be a novelty, been a long time.

    See you the following Sunday.

    Back to trying to stand up!


  16. Hi Kevin,

    Yes, I really enjoyed Sunday too. Got home okay Monday, didn't know anything about power lines. Was given bakasana on Monday. Nice to have a new fun pose :)

  17. Bakasana wow that's great, you really are progressing along.

    Apparently a Virgin train snapped the power line early Monday afternoon, sounds like you got past just in time.