Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ode to Kapotasana

Yoga is a continual process of refinement and I find that process gradually increases my awareness, so the outer journey becomes an inner one.  In Ashtanga, the sequences are challenging, there is normally at least one pose that feels really challenging.  Last year I didn't really have any of those poses.

I have had many such journeys in Ashtanga Mari B and then D, supta kurmasana, drop backs, standing up , etc.  I like the challenge that these poses bring.  I really focus and learn a lot about the actions which definitely helps me with my teaching.  Most of all I like what they teach me about who I am.  As I strive with some misplaced ambition only to surrender to the practice. Now with years of experience behind me, I know that my body will change that all I have to do is get onto my mat, but I forget this valuable lesson sometimes ; )

I enjoyed last years practice because I worked more on fluidity and my breath and these things are more important than any bind.  My practice changed a great deal, especially the vinyasa aspect which for me helps bring a more meditative flow.  I was frustrated at times because I wanted a challenging pose that for me in Ashtanga had always been there.

Now I have two poses which I find hard.  Kapotasana and Supta Vajrasana,  despite my years of practice I still find it amusing to observe my inner procrastinations, how will I ever do this by myself?  I at least now know I will get there, I can do both poses with assistance from my teacher.

Usually I only go to a mysore class once a month but have been finding working on kapotasana by myself hard.  With teacher I can grab my heels although it is hard! By myself I sometimes feel like I am flalling in outer space.  So I decided to go more regularly for a bit, I live in a different city to my teacher so this is not easy.  I have been two weeks in a row now and will be going again on Saturday to a mysore class, not with my teacher but with a very good teacher.  It really helps me keep working at my kapotasana which for me is such a healing journey ....knowing that in just a few days someone will be there is reassuring.


  1. Its these challenges that keep practice fresh, stop it being same ol', make us want to get back on our mats.Kapotasana will be yours soon I have no doubt, then something else will be there, as you told me a while ago its a journey not a destination.

    Its good that you are managing to get down here to practice more often, a good teacher inspires your home alone practice, though I wish I could get a Shala practice more than once a week.

  2. Yes, indeed. Thanks for giving me my advise back! I do love a challenge. Having an interesting and challenging journey with this one.

    Re going to the shala more than once a week, could you not head in before work? I know it would mean getting up super early and going to bed super early, but it was you that wished you could! For me once a week is enough of a mission, it's so expensive to head into London before nine on a weekday. Thinking of exploring Manchester next week...

  3. I thought my yoga journey had gone as far as it was going to until Susan introduced me to Cary, she has opened doors I didn't think existed.

    I wish I could do an early shala practice, alas I can't get into London early enough to do a 90min practice and get back here to be at work by 8.30am, On a good day I wouldn't be back here until 9.15, I know what the reply would be if I asked them if I could be late cos I was doing yoga, enlightened they aint!, plus its a ridiculous amount of money first thing to get into London.

    If that job came to fruition then maybe and perhaps they would be more enlightened!

  4. Yeah, that would work out because you would be travelling into London anyway. Oh well at least you can get there once a week and you have obviously found the teacher for you.