Sunday, 3 January 2010

Christmas and new year synopsis

Hello and happy new year.  Had a bit of a break from blogging and from work and feel restored and excited about getting back to it.  I have some new yoga classes starting this week, including a mysore style class.  I love both teaching and practising in Mysore rooms, so am really excited.  Talking of which I am going to London next weekend for a long weekend of mysore classes, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  This is great because I've been feeling a bit lost with Kapotasana, despite grabbing my heels with my teacher they seem a long way away when I am by myself :).

I went away for a few days for Christmas, some time in the Welsh countryside with my partner on my birthday a truly wonderful day and then to the Lakes to visit my mum who was on holiday there.  Really snowy in the lakes we had a great time walking part way up a mountain in the deep snow.

Kept my practice up six days a week, have been having Friday as my day off.  Love the potability of my practice all I need is my mat.


  1. Hi Helen,

    If you want something to do Saturday afternoon, you could come to the travel club, we have 4 mini talks, then after we have a kind of new years party for a couple of hours.

  2. Thanks Kevin, sounds great. I'm going to try and catch up with some London friends on Saturday. Will also have to check in and sleep, after my 5:45 train journey. Have a great time Sat, it'll be nice to catch up on Sunday.

  3. The heels thing in Kapo comes and goes with me. I manage to grab them about once or twice a fortnight and usually on the second attempt. I know from the first Kapo if it's going to be a good day, if so i'll do another one, if not I'll move on.

  4. Hi Grimmly, Thanks for the comment. I always think of you as super human, grabbing your heels everyday!

    I have decided to let it go for now. I do 3 hangbacks and then have a go. I've let go of any goal to get heels, I just walk in as far as I can and do it once only regardless. My practice has been much more enjoyable as a result. I should be getting some help with it at the weekend anyway as I am heading to London, snow willing!

  5. Hi Helen,

    Hope you had a good practice this morning and have got home safely. Good to see you yesterday for brekky and a chat. Must order that book you showed me.

    See you soon

  6. Hi Kevin,

    The book is brilliant, I spent most of Sunday reading it. Great practice and another new pose, train was fine, can't believe how quick it was. Just over 2 hours. Was nice to chat with you, hope you have a good week with your drop backs.

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