Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I have been doing yoga now for twelve years or so.....I still have many lifestimes worth of learning and tranformations ahead of me I am sure.  Sometimes though there is not much change, I am just practicing everyday.  Recently  the changes in practice, understanding and personal transformation has been incredible.  I returned for London and had no time to blog but wrote a list of all that I have learnt so I would not forget.  Hopefully I will blog more about this but it is not just these external things in fact, really what do they matter, internally and externally I am changing.  I love yoga, I am so grateful for this journey.

I was discussing Eckhart Tolle with Boodiba, as she is reading The Power of Now.  Anyhow I asked her if she had seen the film What about me?  In this film these two guys travel the world interviewing spiritual teachers and musicians about life, love, hope, etc.  They also make music as they travel through the world, it really is a phenomenal film.  Here is an extract with Eckart Tolle himself.


  1. If anything yoga has taught what is important, I seem to make a lot of decisions based on how they relate to practice.

    I'm sorry to have to tell you that Anne Mustoe died a couple of weeks ago aged 76.

  2. I have A New Earth by E.T. but haven't read it yet. I keep debating on reading the power of now.
    I am always inspired by others love of this practice. Most people with a practice and a lineage tend to have abundant amount of bliss to share with others. I truly thing it unlocks something within us.

  3. Thank you for posting this video, great find!, I am also mad and know it :-)

  4. Hi Kevin, thanks for the kino newsletter. I practiced with her dvd today, such a great teacher. You will gain a lot from the retreat I'm sure.

    Flo, I haven't read his books yet either, there is so much to read. This film, "what about me" is brilliant and is what first introduced me to Eckhart. Also watching one of his dvds. Yes, unlocks is a great word, I like unravels as it is an ongoing journey, on which we can only be here.

    Hi Claudia, love that song, "I'm Maaaad" would like to buy the sound track to the film partly for that song and partly because the music is out of this world.

    I love the film can you tell, I have watched it twice already!

  5. hi Helen
    i read Tolle's book in 2003. an artist who had great values recommended it to me. i can't remember about it, which is not a criticism. but the title basically says it all - living in the now. at that time i read many of TNH's books as well.

  6. Hey autoro, I changed my comments settings and was hoping you would be able to post now. who or what is TNH?