Sunday, 20 December 2009

Winter kapotasana practice

This is where I have been practicing for the last couple of days, although it looks like a shallet in Switzerland, it is actually Manchester.  This is a pre practice photo, I am amazed at how awake I look, I certainly did not feel it.  I travelled up by coach as no trains ran early enough.  Some guy proposed to me at the bus station which was pretty surreal for 6:30 a.m.  He said he had a church booked for a few weeks time and someone had let him down, it's a new line on me!

Practice yesterday was the coldest practice I have ever had.  My mat felt like ice and standing poses sent cold up my body.  I practiced in a long sleeve helly hansen, so glad I had that with me and did not take it off until end of primary.  Great to know I can still practice in these conditions though.  All binds were there but was careful not to push myself in anything as the body did not feel warm enough.  Short relaxation as I started to shiver!

Today was better, warmed up by supta kurmasana, standing postures still  challenging due to my cold mat.  There's definitely a market for heated yoga mats!

My teacher gave me two new poses today, which brings me up to Kapotasana.  With his assistance I grabbed my heels.  Yaay! It's my 30th birthday on Friday,  (Christmas day)  Kapotasana makes a great birthday present although I wonder whether I will feel like that when I do it by myself on Christmas morning!

I have had a great weekend.  I am left with even more affinity for the tradition and this practice, my teacher and the wider Ashtanga community of which I feel part.  When I meet an Ashtangi I instantly feel connected to them as I know we already share so much.  This helps me to see the unity beyond Ashtangi's to all humanity but I guess I'm still working on that one.  I did not feel much affinity with the guy who proposed to me at the bus stop, more bewilderment!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I have been doing yoga now for twelve years or so.....I still have many lifestimes worth of learning and tranformations ahead of me I am sure.  Sometimes though there is not much change, I am just practicing everyday.  Recently  the changes in practice, understanding and personal transformation has been incredible.  I returned for London and had no time to blog but wrote a list of all that I have learnt so I would not forget.  Hopefully I will blog more about this but it is not just these external things in fact, really what do they matter, internally and externally I am changing.  I love yoga, I am so grateful for this journey.

I was discussing Eckhart Tolle with Boodiba, as she is reading The Power of Now.  Anyhow I asked her if she had seen the film What about me?  In this film these two guys travel the world interviewing spiritual teachers and musicians about life, love, hope, etc.  They also make music as they travel through the world, it really is a phenomenal film.  Here is an extract with Eckart Tolle himself.