Sunday, 22 November 2009

Shattering beliefs

Beliefs can be such limiters. I’m always grateful in life that I realised this early on in life. I am continually changing my belief system to make it work for me. Yet, we still have beliefs, I am blah blah, I can blah blah. Yesterday when blogging and reflecting I mentioned that I'd never really tried to work at Chakra Bhandasana until a teacher said that they thought they could. Suddenly upon being told this, I made my back bends much deeper. So belief was limiting me, this unusual for me as I think I work pretty hard at my practice even when left to my own devices. Sometimes though my flexibility changes but I don't change how deep I go, from habit I guess.

I find stuff like this really interesting because although it gets played out on the mat, it transcends to the rest of my life. Conquering something in your practice that either seems impossible or that you are even scared of, helps conquer similar scenarios out there in the world which is often a lot more chaotic.

Practice good today. I got a lot more adjustments and so feel that I have been deeply bent. None of that excess energy like yesterday. Yesterday when the teacher put me in Supta Kurmasana I thought I could grab my wrist. I was a bit amazed at the thought, Supta Kurmasana was a difficult pose for me, had to work hard to get it. Sharath's adjustments in Mysore helped a lot but then trying to get it on my own was another journey, largely played out on my mat at home. These days I can do it solo but when I go to Mysore classes tend to get an assist, they're just there, like magic fairies. So today I had that same thought as I was assisted, maybe I could grab my wrist and so I did. Another belief shattered, I saw a couple of people doing it in the past and though yeah right they must be born that way or something, that's just surreal. Now here I am surreally bendy, it would seem.

Yesterday I said it was great how the teacher discussed as he adjusted and it was great. Today I enjoyed the just get on with it approach, lots of adjustments but barely a word spoken, great focused space. My mind wandered a fair bit though, some days are just like that. Looking forward to practice with my teacher tomorrow, it's been months since I have been able to practice with him. Now off to meet a friend for lunch, happy days :)


  1. That's the problem for those of us who practice home alone, we need someone to point out that we are progressing and that our body is adapting and changing, even if we don't perceive in our own minds that anything has changed. It brings a renewed energy to a practice that perhaps we were getting frustrated with.

    I promised Mel I would introduce you two next Saturday.

  2. Cool is she coming to the workshop?

  3. Mel is coming to the Satuday afternoon one.

  4. It was full up, so am only coming to the morning one, unless they get any no-shows.