Sunday, 8 November 2009

my practice

Well this is a practice blog and I haven't blogged about my practice for ages.  I guess sometimes there is not much to say and other times it seems unimportant.

Anyways........after Sharath's led classes my jump throughs and jump backs are more consistent and fluid.  I just needed a little more strength I think in bandhas and in arms.  They continue to improve as my strength develops greater control. This has led to a more fluid meditative practice.

I was working on the dwi pada entry to supta kurmasana as I don't get a regular assist and figured it was a good way to take it deeper.  I can do that now, have been doing it for around six weeks I guess.  So my primary feels very meditative these days, I just do it.  I usually do some simple pranayama before I start which helps me get my focus on the breath.

So I was practicing up to kapotasana, but once dwi pada entry  for kurmasana became a regular occurance I wanted something else to work on.  I don't like my practice to focus in on one pose, especially one that's not changed much!  So now I practice up to pincha muyarasana which I'm working on finding the balance in, 5 breaths today!  I then do handstands, just coz I want too!  I do a few from downward dog jumping and then from a  forward bend.  I can come up from a standing forward bend but have to bend my legs, but also exploring pushing up with straight legs, just for fun.

So my practice is long, full primary and then second up to  pincha, takes me at least 2 hours 15, usually more like 2 hours 45 including pranayama and relaxation.  I feel good though, have made some changes to the way I eat, (this would be a blog post in itself) and find that I have lots more energy and strength, which is obviously a great thing and is enhancing all areas of my life.

Kapotasana, hasn't seemed to change much in the last 6 months or so but have now realised, where I need to work.  I need to open my chest out which I focused on and explored in various ways in my practice today.  Felt very energizing and at times intense when I got in there.  It's nice to have something to work at though, I like to have something to work at in my home practice.  When I go to the shala I like to just do it aswell, just flowing through the sequence, seems to develop a good sense of non attachment. I'm going to London in two weeks to visit some mysore rooms Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I've been loving my home practice but I'm also excited and curious about going to the shala again.


  1. I liked how you wrote about the primary being "very meditative--I just do it". Very cool.

  2. Hi there, yes this is one of the many things I love about the Ashtanga tradition as I do the same sequence again and again. I do not really get this to the same extent when I do other styles but that's my mind wondering I guess.

  3. My teacher said learning to jump back would actually teach me the control in the bandhas, though my arms usually run out of energy for jumping both ways after the effort of the Supta K exit. I think jumping both ways brings energy and focus as well as keeping heat and momntum in the practice.

  4. Yes, I agree. I think uth pluthi is great for bandha development too. The jump through helps with the jump back, knees to chest hips up, helps develop control. The Supta Kurmasana exit is tiring at first but if you stick at it you will find the ease. Took me a while though......:)