Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More on Raw food

Yesterday I posted on how my eating habits have changed recently.  Unusual for me to post two days in a row but summarising a 3 month journey in one blog post left many things unsaid.  I have also found and read some interesting things since I last posted.  Skippetty posted a link that  Kai  had linked to, it is a link to a post on Autorio's blog about Kino's thoughts on Nutrition.  Are you with me?  Linkamania!  The blog post is interesting, I had no idea Kino used to be a raw foodist or that she has studied nutrition. Would love to know why she decided not to be a raw foodist?  

Also in this post the book conscious eating comes up.     I have not yet read this book but am definitely going to at some point.  It is written by Gabriel Cousens who is a raw foodist and a yogi, he is considered an expert in the field.    I have decided to move on from reading about nutrition for a while.  I'm already reading three other books, so it will have to wait.  Visit this blog hear Gabriel Cousens talk about raw food and yoga.

I realised I forgot to mention yesterday that I eat a lot more fruit these days, probably about 3 pieces a day.  We have started getting organic fruit and veg delivered and the fruit is absolutely delicious.

Yesterday Grimmly posted a question on my blog.  He said
"There's usually a gap between the fancy recipes you find in books and the what somebody actually eats in the real world once they settle down into a new way of eating."

When I first bought some raw food recipe books I was a bit overwhelmed, they seemed a bit complex and I needed to have all sorts of stuff I didn't normally buy.  I also needed a food processor for a lot of things and did not have one.  About two months ago, I took leap and bought a food processor.  I think I have used it every day since, absolutely love it.

Anyways what do I eat?  The recipe book that helped me the most is Raw Food Made Easy.  Her chocolate cake is amazing and her recipes simple and easy, it's only a small book though.  The book the Thrive Diet also has some great recipes in although he is not completely raw and this book is mostly his nutritional philosophy, the recipe section is fairly small.

I have adapted a recipe for raw lasagne which is nothing like lasagne but delicous none the less.  I  make guacamole and a sundried tomato sauce (two separate things) and finely slice a courgette and chop some spinach, all in the food processor.  I then layer them, so a layer of the tomato sauce, a layer of cougette, a layer of guacamole, a layer of spinach, repeat. Another staple favourite is a raw nut burger on a bed of salad.  There are three recipes for nut burgers in the thrive diet book, these can be cooked aswell but I have had them raw.

I usually have lunch at home but sometimes do not get home until late as most of my yoga classes are in the evening.  Last night for instance I did not finish teaching until 10 pm!  This is one of the reasons I started exploring raw eating as this is much too late for a cooked meal.  So on such evenings I try and keep it very simple and dip raw stuff in guacomole, home made pesto, etc.  When I make Guacamole etc I usually make enough for a few days and the use it in another way the following day.  This keeps the food prep down, life is for living afterall!


  1. That raw lasagna sounds really good... since the 500 hour training with Dharma Mittra started this past weekend I've been put on a stricter yogic diet, so much of the raw food experimenting will have to take the sidelines for far more simple raw foods.

    Anyways, you could try using eggplant marinated in salt and olive oil for the "noodle" layers in your lasagna as well, making it like a raw eggplant parm. Try the nut cheese recipe we've posted as well in there. It's one of my favorites... Happy not cooking.

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting and thanks for the idea. Not tried raw eggplant yet. Who has put you on strict diet, Dharma Mittra or yourself? I am enjoying reading about the course. What an amazing opportunity.

  3. I was recommended at a workshop at Dharma Mittra's in NYC to Conscious Eating. Many of Dharma's students are raw foodiest and they encourage people to read this book. I have it but yet to start reading it.
    I've also have been battling allergies horibly this year and debating on trying the raw route.