Thursday, 19 November 2009

Last practice before London

I am going to London on Saturday for some mysore classes, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  So tomorrow will be my day off.  Today practice wasn't so hot, first time in ages, my body felt like it had been invaded.  I could still do the poses, which suprised me.  My body felt stiff but it wasn't and the strength just wasn't there.  Oh well, everyday is different right, I see myself as an observer, exploring my inner universe.

Tomorrow, I teach two classes but otherwise I will rest up ready for my weekend.  I will be going to London this weekend and the following one, the weekend after that I am going to Dublin with my mum.  We are going to visit my brother but I have arranged to go to a Mysore class on the Sunday.  So I will be getting lots of classes in  the next few weeks. With a total of 6 different teachers, that should give me a range of insight...........


  1. Hey Helen. Do you ever come to Yoga Place? If so you must let us know (I assume you probably go to Hamish).

    I know I guy called Luke (amazing practice) who teaches mysore in Dublin, I think at AYD, but not sure.. wonder if you'll practice with him.

    Hope you enjoy them all in any case :)

  2. Hi Susan

    Yes it is Luke, I'm going to practice with in Dublin. I emailed him earler in the week, we were in Mysore the same time but never really met.

    Going to AYL, Sunday and Monday, Triyoga tomorrow. Would be great to meet you some time but no plans to go to YP, Cary sounds fab but with me only coming up once a month, I try to be consistent with the same teachers as much as possible.