Saturday, 28 November 2009

David Swenson second series workshop

Woke up at 4:30 in the morning so am exhausted.  If this doesn't make much sense, I appoligise.  It is my current stream of consciousness so it must mean something to me at least.  I'm going to put some of my experiences down now while they are fresh but will probably write more  and clarify after some sleep.

The Swens took us on his tour of second series.  His light hearted humour is calming and inspiring.  He has good control of the group which is important when teaching such a big group.  Today this made me feel like I was in some kinda exam because I had to work to his timings not my own flow and I imagine that's more about me and the fact I woke at 4:30 to get the 5:45 train to London.  Good to do a led every now and then my practice just gets longer and longer otherwize!

We did all of standing which felt great and I got nicely warmed up.  We did the first two poses of primary seated.  Then we moved on to second series.  Lots of stopping and starting for information which was great but the body not as warm as usual. 

Highlight for me was his arm position in kapotasana.  He brought the hands to forehead in prayer then took them behind the head before lowering down.  He also uses his head to get arms further back. I got my feet easily with this method even though my back did not feel particulaly warm. 

He showed 3 different ways to jump into bakasana.  I had been doing the third version landing on bent arms.  I can't remember the difference between the second and third version.  Kevin? In the first version he kept the arms straight but took the hips into handstand to balance and then lowered with fabulous control.  When it was our turn I had a go landing with straight arms and to my suprise did it,  tried again and can do it so will do it this way from now on.  Oh just remembered he said to join feet mid air that really helped too. 

We skipped dwi pada but did yoga nidrasana.  We did the titibhasana sequence which I love, I think primary prepares well for this. 

Saw Kevin and met Mel (fellow bloggers).  Also met up with some of the people who did David Swenson's teacher training last year.  Aswell as new people, I like the slightly social aspect to workshops.Thanks for reading hope it made some sense?  I also did aanother workshop with him about pranayama and bandhas.  Will post about that another time.  Tomorrow regular mysore practice at the shala after a very early night!

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  1. Sorry can't remember the other Bakasana variations, though I found that jumping with the feet already together made the whole thing safer. I forgot about his hand position in Kapotasana, only 2nd time I have ever attempted it.

    Interesting how different aspects impact on people, pulling the knees in to come up in Ustrasana was what I got from today.

    See you tomorrow to compare notes.
    Sleep well