Monday, 23 November 2009

Chakra Bhandasana and one more...

So today I got to practice with my teacher.  The room was crowded, focused and hot.  I had a great practice, the best of the three of my trip to London.  Lots of assists again which were all great, nice to be taken that little bit further.  I got an assist in supta K again so grabbed my wrist, curious to see if I can do that solo, we will see. Will be good to self practice again to explore a bit before David Swenson on Saturday, so excited.

I was given a new pose so now practising up to Parsva Dhanurasana.  With the heat in the shala my back really oppened up in Dhanurasana, it felt fantastic so knew I would get some good dropbacks.

So I did my drop backs and and then teacher came.  Three half bends and then he grabbed my hands keeping them in prayer and took my right hand and then my left hand to my ankles.  Whoooosh, what a feeling, it really is quite a mad thing to do.  Right shoulder was fine, but the entry and the assist was completely different from Saturday.  Anyway whole really thing blew my mind....

Told teacher I would see him next week.... so good to have a bit of consistency.  Going to my Iyengar class tomorrow and have requested backbends as this is what I'm working on.  It'll be nice to work on them from another angle.  Then 3 self practices and back to London for more, feels like an intensive with work in the middle, glad I love my job.


  1. Hi Helen,
    I thought I'd pop over to say hi. This is a fantastic-ly fun pose. Feels so liberating doesn't it???

  2. Hi Thanks for popping by. Although I have only done chakra bhandasana once, I feel completely liberated by it. I know this may sounds dramatic but I feel changed by it. I guess the change may have been more gradual but this is when I noticed it. I feel that that I have released some of my samskara, and as a result I am holding back on life less and loving life more completely.