Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Yoga Teacher by Alexander Gray

Yoga Teacher by Alexandra Gray: Book Cover    

I read a lot of yoga books and sometimes find my mind is too tired to digest philosophy, anatomy etc.  So I try to have a few lighter reads on the go as well, so I can choose what I feel like reading at any given time.  This book fit the bill totally, it was light, easy to read and about yoga.  It is a fictional story about a womens journey to become a yoga teacher.  I guess it's a bit girly with romance side stories and being about a women, but men may enjoy reading it too.  It didn't change my life but it did make me reflect a little and think about what I was doing.  I recently changed career myself to become a yoga teacher so there are some similarities but not many.  I feel like it was more of a journey for me but perhaps I'm just creating drama in my head.  Although not an amazing book, I thought the book was a good lightweight entertaining read.