Sunday, 30 August 2009

Danny Paradise and Sharath day 2 and 3

Sharath day one - afternoon

After led class with Sharath I did a workshop with Danny Paradise in the afternoon, naughty I know, sorry!

Danny Paradise workshop was great. Practice was mostly second series with some third series and variations on standing as in the day before. I felt strong and really enjoyed the practice. Danny was great at adjusting really gentle encouraging you to do as much of the work as you can rather than taking over. Reminded me of Sharath's adjustments. Danny went round adjusting everyone who wanted some help with the more challenging postures. So I got my first kapotasana adjustment after two previous attempts. He helped me grab my feet and it felt nice, calming to have someone there.

Sharath day 2

So the following morning I went to led class with Sharath after my double practice the day before. I could tell I had done back bends when I woke up and did a couple of forward bends before practice to try and counter a bit.

When led class began I wondered if I'd ever bend forward but after the first surya I my body warmed up and it was nice. My breath was more fluid and so a better practice than the day before. My arms were tired but I managed to keep to Sharath's count. Danny did this awsome egyption shoulder oppener, which I felt in my arms all week, particularly Virabhadrasana B, which was difficult till Thusday!

Day 3

On day one and two I was trying my best in each posture, today although I was still stretching in each posture I found a softness in it. This morning I was reading one of Matthew Sweeney's book and what he said really struck a chord as to what it was like. He said "Effort is only there in order for you to work towards effortlessness."


  1. Haha, good for you sneaking Danny Paradise in there, you probably don't get to London for workshops that often, right?!

    Now don't wind us all up alluding to this wonder shoulder opener, can you please describe it to us? :)

    I love MS's quote too. Must say that to my classes!!

  2. Yes I only come to London once a month for mysore. As I had taken the week off work so thought I'd make the most of it.

    I thought about describing shoulder opener but could not find the words to describe it. Here goes: Bring arms up shoulder height, bend arms open hands palms up to the ceiling. Then take arms back. Does this make sense, if not I'll draw a stick man. He also did some variations using this with twists etc. To twist keep front hand forward, take other arm back. It's stronger than it looks, especially the next day, lol!

  3. Hi Helen---can you give me an idea of what Sharaths' count it like? For example, how many seconds between each count? Does that make sense?
    I ask because in his video of led primary, I find his count very fast, but others (esp. those who have been to Mysore) write that his count is very slow. Thanks

  4. Hi, Sharath slows down his count for certain poses, mostly navasana uth,pluthihi and perhaps headstand. He also keeps everyone in chaturanga a while especially if someone skips ahead. When I was in Mysore I found his count fast, similar to the dvd (except poses noted above) it seemed to me slower when I was in London(this could be because I find primary much easier). I'm pretty sure we were doing a 90 minute primary in London so that definitely is slower than the dvd. I guess everyone talks about the slow count because he holds navasana and uth pluthi for a long drawn out count. Great question and difficult to answer accurately, are you going to study with Sharath?