Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A practice of two halves

As I practiced standing today my mind was wandering I stuck with it, and kept focusing on my breath. It must have helped because as I'm reflecting now the second half of my practice was more much more focused.

Yesterday, I went to my Iyengar class. My teacher is brilliant and it was a nice sequence. We did pincha muyarasana which I'm learning to balance in. He helped me with my alignment in the pose so that was helpful. We then did a forward bending sequence, which was really quietening and I went deeper than normal probably because of the sequence. Finished off forward bend part of sequence with supta kurmasana, which is my favourite pose, I think. Felt really chilled and slowed down afterwards.

So today back to the land of Ashtanga, I wanted to focus on back bending having done none yesterday. I did full primary and second to kapotasana, did a few kapotasana, lots of different approaches and enjoyed the exploration but still only one heel or the other. I still think it's possible if I only knew how.....but in the meantime I'm really opening up multidimensionally.

I'm going to London Saturday for some mysore style classes, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Really excited, seems like ages since I've been to a mysore style class. Going to a new teacher on Saturday (going to take Friday off practice). Excited about that as it will be an entirely new perspective, teacher is a teacher of a an Ashtangi friend of mine and she speaks highly of him so I'm curious.


  1. Have a good trip down here, see you Sunday in the oven of AYL.

  2. It's all yoga, yoga, yoga in my world. Today is my day off yoga practice, I practice six days a week and I'm writing an essay on

    Well at least I should be.........keep drinking tea, going on-line etc. Reminds me of my student days. So must be part of it!