Thursday, 13 August 2009

Mysore classes and new poses

I went to London at the weekend, it's taken me till now to blog as I've been busy catching up with my life. I got the train in first thing in the Saturday morning, so I could do an early morning Mysore class. I went to 3 different teachers, as my teacher doesn't teach at the weekends.

Saturday morning practice was good. I had Friday off and was well recovered I guess. The teacher was new to me and maybe I practiced better to show my practice? I felt good, strong and flexible in the heat. Loved the adjustments too, lovely deep backbending.

Sunday morning and I awoke feeling the implications of my Saturday strong practice on my body. It was like being given a new body to practice with both flexibility and strength wise. Still it was interesting to observe it and I enjoyed being at the shala, tried to take it easy, sometimes this was noticed and I was adjusted!

Monday, my body was back to form, so I went full circle. When I got to the place where I stop my teacher was nearby and gave me the next two postures. So now officially up to Bhekasana, backbends were a joy after that especially in the heat. Being given poses is fun, always feels like Christmas or something.

Spent the weekend mostly talking to other yogis about yoga, it was a joy. Looking forward to trip for Sharath's led classes.


  1. It was good to mmeet you.

    Congrats on the new poses.

  2. Thanks, nice to meet you too.

  3. Looking forward to hearing about Sharaths led. You got Bhekasana, excellent, one of the very cool one.

  4. Hi Grimmly, also going to a couple of workshops with Danny paradise, the same week, really excited. Will be taking my laptop so no excuse not to blog the journey.