Saturday, 1 August 2009

Jump back and kapotasana

I had a day off practice yesterday as I was busy and tired and it seemed to fit. So practiced today instead. This week I've been tidying up my primary trying to practice it in flow and a bit faster so I can focus on second series. My primary series is okay now, I think...... I'm amazed when I think back to how many postures I could not do that I now do with ease.

My jump backs have improved a great deal and I guess I'd been happy to let them evolve in their own way. The feet touch my mat as I go back and I think that it's just a phase. Nevertheless today I focused on this held the difficult part of the jump back a bit with a view to building up strength and also tried to keep my legs tight in. This meant my practice was a little less fluid but I guess it's for greater fluidity in the future.

Been grabbing my heels in kapotasana but only one heel at a time, I get a good stretch out of this though and think it's a useful way to work at it for now? Hopefully I'll find some relative ease in the pose and be able to grab my other heel. Feel like it's mostly psychological with this posture, it is so intense mentally and emotionally or perhaps that is the viewpoint I need to change.

I practiced full primary and then second series up to pincha muyurasana. Dwi Pada is improving, I can namaste with some regularity now but still find getting right leg behind shoulder awkward. All in all a good practice. Planning on doing full second tomorrow for my weekly exploration.


  1. Hope you had a good practice at home. AYL was rammed full this morning, lots of pre Sharath cramming going on!

  2. I buzzed off the idea of everyone cramming, then realized I was doing it myself and buzzed off myself! Had a good practice, thanks I did full second series today which is in fact prep for Danny P workshop. Also stayed in headstand and uth pluthi longer which was Sharath prep. So lots of cramming here too! It's all good though sometimes workshops etc inspire me to work on things and look at my practice in a different light which helps keep it fresh.

  3. Are you doing Primary or 2nd with Sharath?
    There was chatter after about at what points Sharath would stop people in 2nd. Pasasana for those who shouldn't be there, then Kapotasana and Dwi Pada.

  4. Primary with Sharath. Which will be strange as I'm mostly working on second series in my self practice, well primary with beginning of second added. I see it as an opportunity to refine my primary though, which only seems fair if I'm going to move my focus to second series. I can bind in pasasana but have not grabbed my heals in kapo by myself yet and so would probably get stopped there if I was allowed to do led second, although it's close I think....perhaps in a few days.....perhaps in a few months, perhaps even today as I haven't practiced yet.

    When I was in Mysore I was getting stopped at garbha pindasana as my right hip was very tight. I got it just before I left (two days before) but Sharath didn't see, so did not do full primary there. I benefited from lots of attention as I was getting stopped though, I got adjusted in supta kurmasana everyday as I could not do it by myself.

    When Pattabhi Jois came to the UK for the last time, I did full primary. There was lots I couldn't do in those days but didn't get stopped at all.