Monday, 27 July 2009

Second series

Yesterday I practiced full second series with Richard Freeman. I like practicing second series with his DVD it keeps me chilled in the midst of intensity. The first time I did second series there was a lot I couldn't do. I found it difficult to keep my focus, it was like being a beginner all over again which as a teacher was incredibly useful as an experience.

I have only done the full second series sequence four times I think, I have been practicing it once a week. Each time I seem to improve in a posture which seems fast progress but that's like being a beginner too. I guess a lot of the progress I have made is mental, at first I would be like, you want me to put what where? Now I just have a go and sometimes I am surprised. This week I managed to land in Bakasana B and managed peacock sort of but not for full five breaths.

My normal practice today which is full second and up to kapotasana. On my right side I can get hold of the foot fairly easily on the left side my shoulder seems to get confused and I flail a bit. Still today touching toes on both sides. I tried to stay in kapotasana B a little longer and slow my breath down, to find ease in this. Felt good in an intense way, feel like I can really get deep doing this and begin to open up.

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