Thursday, 23 July 2009

longer practice

My class was cancelled this morning so I decided to practice for a little bit longer. My primary was fluid and my mind focused. I felt strong, sometimes I feel tired by Thursday so that was good. You never know what's going to happen when you step onto your mat. That's been especially true recently...

Still felt good when I got to Kapotasana, so decided to keep going to pincha mayarasana. Naughty I know but life's an adventure after all. My backbends have got much deeper than I ever imagined, I can now see my legs in urdva dhanurasana and am amazed how close they are.

I've been doing full second by itself once a week, usually Sunday. I'm going on a workshop with Danny Paradise at the end of August and wanted some familiarity with the postures. Find it interesting to work with something new, really have to focus to keep the breath controlled. Have only done the full sequence 3 times and amazed at the progress week to week. Talking of which landed Bakasana B today hooray.

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