Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Back at home today, first self practice today after my shala visit.  Really enjoyable.  I did some exploratory handstand stuff, working on free balancing at the end of my standing sequence.  Then I did some playing around with lolasana and holding it to build up strength for jump backs.  Which is going to be my main focus for a while.  Like I said I like to have a challenge, it keeps me learning and curious.  Then did full primary with 3 kurmasana and a bit of work getting right leg behind the head lying down.  Gonna work on that too, to work on getting into supta kurmasana via dwi pada

Then at the end of primary I did second series up to kapotasana.  Touched my right toe again fairly easily but still no joy with my left.  I think this is due to having more dexterity with my right hand as I am right handed rather than more flexibility as my left side is usually more flexible than my right.  I feel like I am going nowhere fast with kapotasana but as I worked on it, I thought am I getting a stretch, as the answer is most definitely yes, all is good, that's all we need to find in any pose really.

Then 5 urdva dhanurasanas and 5 drop backs and coming up, they were much better today probably because I did the second series back bends beforehand.  I really like this combination of primary and second they flow together well.  So I'm happy to practice this far and have found much to work and challenge me.

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