Sunday, 3 May 2009


I have been practicing intensely recently and really enjoyed my day off yesterday.  Came back to my mat with renewed enthusiasm and resolve to not push myself too hard.  I've been working on Kurmasana for a long time..................I have really learned to love this pose.  Recently I have been trying to get my shoulders to the floor as my teacher suggested that would help with supta kurmasana.  On Friday someone adjusted me and I was able to take my shoulders down, afterwards I was able to get my shoulders down by myself.  Today I got my shoulders down without assistance.  Still working on supta kurmasana but am pleased to see progress.

I am currently practicing up to laghu vajrasana in the second series.  I do not have a regular mysore style studio near me and so stopped myself there.  I was unable to come up until today although for the last few weeks I have been able to come up if I came up straight away.  Today I came up after five breaths and then repeated it to make sure my body remembered what to do.  Managed it both times.  So moved myself on to Kapotasana as a reward.  Managed to touch my toes in kapotasana with a bit of help.  I have been working on the previous posture for some months and must have developed some of the flexibility and strength needed for kapotasana from it.   Glad about that as it is pretty intense!

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