Monday, 25 May 2009

at the shala

I practiced mysore style at the shala in London this morning. Always feels so much like home, to practice with others even though I barely know any of them. I feel connected to them through the practice that we all share. My teacher has gone to Mysore to pay his respects to Guru G. I thought he might.

I bought a new mat last week , a planet sadhana mat, it's meant to last a lifetime. I practice so much I wear mats away fairly quick and so have been rotating my use of my students mats. It's nice to have my own mat and although I thought there was nothing wrong with my other mats, this one is so much better. It seems to stabilise me without me having to grip it. Today was a real test for it though, as it is pretty hot in the shala and I got a bit slippy, only a couple of times. I do not usually use a rug as I don't sweat much but maybe I'll get one for when I'm at the shala and when Sharath comes........we'll see, the mat still needs breaking in.

I seem to be able to maintain my effort better in my jump throughs and backs when in the shala, there is such a wonderful focus in the room. I'm working on that as I like to work on something and although there are things to improve in my practice I can do (bind) in everything I have been given. This is a unique experience for me. It only seems like yesterday when four years ago ...I first did the primary series with all it's challenges it had in store for me. I really like being adjusted in supta kurmasana, it is very different from doing it myself and means I work more from my hips and less reaching with my chest.

Treated myself to a very healthy breakfast and drink and have a big bottle of orange juice to rehydrate me through the day. I have resolved to make an effort to eat more healthily and also go back to having a fresh juice every day, not that I'm unhealthy, I just know I can improve. I think getting away from my everyday life once a month allows me to reflect on my life and what I could change. It's so much easier to see if you take a step back.

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