Wednesday, 15 April 2009

where to start

Where to begin?  Having decided to start to blog my practice I then realized how much I could actually write about it.  So with that in mind I have to begin somewhere.  I'll start by explaining about my practice.  Ashtanga yoga is my primary practice although I also practice Iyengar once a week mainly because I have such a good teacher.  As the postures are the same I am able to apply what I learn to my Ashtanga practice.  Day to day I usually practice at ashtanga at home and go to my Iyengar teacher once a week.  I also attend workshops and go to London for a couple of mysore style ashtanga yoga classes every six weeks or so.

These last couple of weeks have been great because  I have been able to practice mysore style with a teacher two weeks in a row.  This has inspired my practice greatly and given me lots of things to work on in my self practice.  As a result of this today I am tired!   

I guess my overzealous attempts have tired me out but I like that yoga shows me where my limits are for now its very grounding.  Sometimes I have more energy and sometimes less. If I'm tired self practice can be challenging so I often use a dvd to lead me through the primary series.  Today I think  I'm just going to start and see what happens.....................